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R Squared - Orlando, Florida

R Squared is a family-owned and operated digital marketing agency in Orlando, Fl founded in 2019 by Eddie Roman, a veteran web designer, developer, and digital marketer expert with over 20+ years of experience. Committed to providing cost-effective and high-quality website and digital marketing solutions to small businesses, R Squared is committed to providing value and exceptional customer service to all of clients.

As a family-owned business, R Squared Digital Marketing takes pride in offering affordable services without compromising quality. Many firms charge $2,000 or more per month for similar digital marketing services, but our commitment extends beyond affordability. Eddie Roman's extensive experience ensures that the team of digital marketing professionals at R Squared delivers not just cost-effective solutions, but also value and tangible results to each and every client, no matter how small.

R Squared is committed to the success of every business.

R Squared is Made in the USA

Our Ethics

We adhere closely to the guidelines set by Google and Facebook to guarantee the highest quality work for you. We steadfastly avoid attempting to deceive any search engine or black-hat techniques, and that's non-negotiable. Attempting to trick search engines never works in the long run, and the risk of getting caught far outweighs any potential benefit. Our approach excludes link schemes, keyword stuffing, and other black-hat techniques.

Every aspect of our services is transparently outlined in our packages and proposals, ensuring a commitment to ethics and transparency.

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