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Social Media Strategies for Digital Marketers

September 01, 20235 min read

As digital marketers, we understand the power of social media in producing measurable results. If you want to stay ahead of the competition in the digital marketing space and take your business to the next level, having a clear and effective social media strategy comes highly recommended. 

By utilizing the right combination of Paid, Earned and Owned Media, you can leverage your social media presence, grow your followers, and build deeper relationships with customers. Developing a successful social media strategy requires focus, creativity, patience and above all else, measurement.

But what exactly is the right social media strategy for digital marketers? Here, we have put together an all-inclusive guide to set out a plan for success, and position your brand as an industry leader in the ever-changing digital marketing space. 

What is Social Media

Social media can be defined as an online platform that allows users to interact and communicate with each other. It is a channel that can be utilized by digital marketers to reach new audiences, gain insights from customers and create a following around their brand.

Online platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook have become increasingly popular in the past decade. Social media has become an important part of digital marketing, providing businesses with the opportunity to connect with potential customers, engage with current ones, and promote their services or products. 

Why is Social Media Important

Social media provides digital marketers a powerful tool to reach massive amounts of people and create valuable relationships with users. As real-time data is key to any successful marketing plan, having a presence on social media provides digital marketers the opportunity to analyze customer behavior and opinion. Furthermore, understanding key metrics, such as engagement rates or sharing statistics, are vital in helping brands refine their social media strategies.

With all these tools and benefits, it is without doubt that having a social media plan is now an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.

Planning Your Social Media Strategy

In order to develop an effective social media strategy, it is important to understand your target market and industry. Once you have identified your key audiences, it is time to come up with the plan for your brand:

Understand Social Media Platforms

To kick-start your strategy, it is necessary to become familiar with social media platforms and the various features available. Familiarise yourself with the terminology, how to create organic and paid content, as well as understanding each platform’s analytics dashboard and what actions it makes sense for you to focus on. Look at competitors and observe what type of content they produce to get an idea of what kinds of content work.

Set Objectives and Goals

Once you understand the landscape, you need to determine what kind of results you want to achieve and the desired objectives. It is important to be realistic and have SMART goals in mind. This helps to measure success, track performance, and create an effective plan spanning your entire marketing plan. 

Create Your Content Calendar

A content calendar is very essential in planning and helping to schedule posts. This will ensure that content is consistent and well-managed. With regular research and insights into industry news and trending topics, the right content should be timely and informative. Additionally, it is important to publish in the right frequency depending on the platform being utilized.

Leverage Content Curation and Repurpose Content 

Content curation involves collecting and repurposing content from various sources, including other websites or even internal resources. This is an effective and efficient way to keep the content fresh and constantly provide new and relevant information to followers. Think of ways to transform data into visual and interactive media, assigning it with the relevant content tags and tracking the analytics behind it.

Engage and Engender Relation with Customers

Engaging with customers across social media channels is invaluable: responding to their comments, asking questions to acquire feedback, liking posts or even suggesting a service or product. Taking the time to converse with customers will demonstrate a commitment to them and their needs, creating stronger customer relationships.

Use Paid Advertising

Paid social media advertising should be a component of any well-rounded digital marketing strategy. As algorithms currently restrict organic reach, advertising is an effective way to get your content in front of your target audience, as well as measure and monitor campaigns. Utilizing paid advertisements can help you launch, promote, re-purpose or republish your content to new and different audiences.

Analytics and Measurement

In order to measure and monitor success, analytics and metrics should be utilised. Tracking progress of followers, likes, shares and comments can help digital marketers to better understand how to improve their social media campaigns and hone overall strategies.

Analytics to measure the performance of social media campaigns is one of the most important activities of any digital marketer, as it provides insights into how strategies are performing and where improvements can be made.

Using Influencers

Using influencers is a great way to increase one’s reach. Reach out to influencers who fit with your brand’s core message and could potentially benefit from your product or service. Start with a smaller influencer and experiment with the campaigns to identify what works best for your business. 

Share Stories

Social media is an important channel to engage and build relationships with your customers. Providing followers with powerful, memorable stories about your brand will help to strengthen relationships and create a strong presence.


If you are looking to create a successful social media strategy for your digital marketing strategy, follow these steps to maximize success:

- Understand social media platforms 

- Set actionable objectives 

- Create a content calendar 

- Leverage content curation and repurpose content 

- Engage your customers 

- Utilize paid advertising 

- Monitor analytics 

- Use influencers 

- Share stories

By keeping this guide in mind and implementing the right strategies, you are sure to succeed in today's increasingly digital marketing space.

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency to help you create an effective social media strategy? Look no further than R Squared, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in developing effective social media strategies. Contact us today to find out how we can help you take your digital presence to the next level.

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